Manufacturing FAQ's

1. What is a continuous hinge on Roadrunner Toolboxes?

Known as our "forever hinge" it is unique where by the hinge is run the entire side of the toolbox spreading the load weight of the door across the whole side of the door and box body giving it superior strength. Additionally the hinge is easily greaseable ensuring the hinge will not fail. Toolbox FAQ Images

2. What is a locking T Handle?

A top quality stainless steel latch with a foldable T-bar style handle that is folded away into a recessed cavity with in the latch and Locked with a key in a separate barrel. They are easily replaceable if damaged and have been tested to meet our quality standards for NZ conditions and security. Latches FAQ

3. Are Roadrunner Toolboxes sealed?

We use a folded channel design that not only adds strength to our boxes but creates a "gutter" so any rain and mud can easily drain off the box. We add a condensed sponge rubber to the door so that when the door is closed and locked it compresses against outer gutter and creates a weather tight seal.

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4. Do we sell spare parts for Roadrunner manufactured equipment?

We sell spare parts to accommodate our products ie; Hinges, Fuel Caps, Sight Glasses etc. We do not sell the parts required to make our products.

Visit the Shop Parts & Accessories page

5. What size tanks do we make?

Roadrunner understand that one size does not fit all. We specialise in one off or bulk orders of customer specific requirements. Our common round tank range for trucks start at 380mm to 710mm out to 1540mm long, our Oval Square range is available in 2 size options of 630mm x 680mm and 650mm x 700mm out to 1540mm, the height and depth of these options can be orientated to achieve ground clearance requirements. Square Tanks can be built to suit your requirements. MAN FAQ5

6. What is an Oval Square Tank?

Rectangular in shape but no surface is flat. Some truck manufacturers use this style of tank such as DAF, Scania, Fuso, Isuzu. This shape of tank offers a higher level of strength compared to a square or flat sided style of tank whilst maximising fill volume and stylish appeal.


7. Can we repair your current tank/toolbox even if it is not a Roadrunner one?

Depending on the level of damage a tank/toolbox can be repaired. We recommend that photos are sent to us for assessment prior so we can assess whether it is a viable option for you or if a replacement is needed, maximising fill volume and stylish appeal.


8. How many brackets are required to mount your Hydraulic Tanks and Fuel Tanks?

Fuel Tanks and Hydraulic Tanks up to 500mm in width are typically mounted on our single mount bracket system. Tanks over 500mm in length up to 1400mm require x2 brackets and over 1450mm require x3 brackets.


9. Do we fit our gear?

Yes, depending on what is required. If you would like the option of us fitting a product for you, please give us a call. Alternately we can put you in touch with someone closer to you.


10. Do you custom build?

We specialise in manufacture, repair, and modification of almost any engineered products so if you have something custom or even a bit left field, give us a call.

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Roadrunner Manufacturing produces custom-made aluminium and steel products for the transport, marine and agriculture sectors and is also the NZ distributor for OMAX precision waterjet cutters.

As a locally owned and operated company for more than 45 years, today, our strong reputation has secured our position as the preferred custom engineering and manufacturing company in New Zealand.

Get a product that really meets your needs, with precise aluminium and steel fabrication made in NewZealand for local conditions.

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