Pool Cover Boxes


Pool Cover Boxes

Our easy-to-install stylish pool cover boxes add value to every pool purchase.

At Roadrunner Manufacturing, every pool cover box is built to the specifications of your pool and designed to meet your requirements.

A pool cover box will not only help to protect your pool cover and enhance longevity, but they also enhance the professional finish of your pool area, adding value to your pool asset and increase safety by reducing trip hazards.

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  • Made up to size 410mm wide x 400mm high
  • Made up to size 4500mm long (most popular length is 4000mm)
  • Sealed 3mm aluminium box construction
  • Hinged lid with gas stays to hold open/closed
  • Manual / winding mechanism
  • Winding mechanism and roller available on its own for fittings below decks/under stairs
  • Stainless steel bearings and fixings
  • Stainless steel crank handle