Our Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing



Make contact directly or through our website to discuss your requirements, ideas or project.


We will confidentially discuss and advise a solution to meet your needs and application.


We will design your product solution and work with you to modify it until we reach the perfect product solution for you.


Once we have a confirmed design, we will supply a quote providing any variants and manufacture lead times for your acceptance.


Once your quote is accepted, we will create a job in our system and get everything ready for manufacture to ensure there is no hold up in getting your items to you.


When your job is ready for manufacture it will be issued to one of our highly skilled and trained team members to fabricate and assemble.

Quality Control

Once manufacturing is complete, your product will go through a series of quality control checks firstly by the person or persons making it, and then again by our quality control officer.

Packing & Delivery

The final step for your product is packing for freight or collection. Your product should arrive to you within a couple of days from the dispatch date.



Roadrunner specialises in unique, one-off fabrication projects and new product development.

Our team can produce a wide range of custom aluminium products outside of the usual scopes of size and shape, and our specialist CNC machines and modern fabrication tools allow us to work with accuracy on complex designs.

If you've got a custom aluminium product in mind, we can help. See below for more information on our popular custom products and submit a quote request.

Custom Manufacturing