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Within the confines of aluminium, mild steel and stainless-steel fabrication, nearly any item can be custom-manufactured to suit your individual purpose. Roadrunner are happy to discuss your request - please use our general enquiry form and one of our team will be in contact shortly.

Examples of past projects:

  • Stationary fuel storage tanks
  • Aluminium steps
  • Fuel tanks with containment bunds
  • Lockable gas bottle storage units
  • Jet ski trailers with toolbox
  • Service van fit outs
  • Refueling Tanks
  • Garden art
  • School slides
  • Combination water/fuel/hydraulic tanks


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Benefits of Roadrunner

Custom Manufacturing

The option to customise means that instead of trying to make a standard product work to your needs and having to compromise on some of them, you can have a product that solves your problems and meets all the specs and needs that you have in mind.

Uniqueness of design: Everything is bespoke and tailored to exactly what you need. This means no surprises, no trying to make it work for a slightly different purpose, no sizing or specification challenges and a clear idea of the outcome, for peace of mind with every purchase.

Design is never compromised: Our quality assurance and confidentiality means that no one else can access or use your design (without your knowledge or permission). If you have a design that’s innovative and specific to your company that you believe gives you a competitive advantage, you can be assured that this design will not feature in any other company's production line or finished products. We are respectful of that confidentiality and would never breach it.


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Custom Projects