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Matt Melton had always wanted to start his own business.

It’s been an exciting journey to the successful CNC precision cutting business that he now manages and directs using OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting machines.

AcuCut began as an idea that formed during his time working as an engineer on super yachts. He found himself admiring the precision parts of those boats and discovered that they were often the result of abrasive waterjet cutting.

After spending considerable time researching waterjet cutting, he decided it was a market that really excited him and also one that presented an interesting opportunity. Matt decided he wanted to learn how to do waterjet cutting and the rest is history. He learned the CNC engineering trade and became an expert himself on the operation of these machines. He has been a loyal OMAX customer ever since then and absolutely asserts the integrity of these machines.

His journey with Roadrunner Manufacturing actually began three years before he purchased his first machine. He heard about a firm called Roadrunner Manufacturing based out of Bulls in Manawatu who were the distributors of OMAX waterjets and decided to get in touch. He’s the first to admit that purchasing an abrasive waterjet cutter is a sizeable investment. He needed time to gather funds and find a commercial space to locate the machine.

Machine reliability and capacity enables business owner to secure return on investment beyond expectations.

He’d set his heart on an OMAX 60120 and, once purchased, it’s first home was his parent’s humble farm workshop.

“I bought the OMAX 60120 because it could handle standard size sheets and because it was the biggest machine, I could fit in the space I had available. I chose OMAX over a Maxiem because I wanted a more industrial high-performance machine. Durability and reliability were paramount and I knew that this machine had potential to deliver above and beyond my expectations.”

As of 2024, Matt owns three machines and has moved out of his parent’s workshop! He purchased his own a couple of years ago and now has a additional two second hand OMAX waterjet machines, a 2626 and another 60120. 

One of the great aspects about OMAX as a company is that they don’t design their machines to ‘go out of date’. All of the machinery accessories are upgradable which means the machines remain current and reliable. Every customer can be assured, that a machine they bought ten years ago will still have replaceable or upgradable parts when they need them.

“This is important as a business owner as you know your investment is sound.”

When asked about why an abrasive waterjet made sense for his business, Matt shared that its point of difference is that it can cut anything – literally anything - apart from toughened glass. This means that you can switch between materials in a matter of minutes and the cut is clean and precise with hardly any edge cleaning required. Matt was delighted to discover that the machine could cut even weathered pre-rusted steel and this has now become a regular aspect of the business he delivers.

Faultless service delivery means no stress and reduced risk to business.

Another reason that OMAX just makes business sense is their service. He can’t fault it.

“The service from the team (Roadrunner Manufacturing and OMAX) is incredible. In all these years, I’ve only ever had a couple of small standard issues and they were just things that wore out which you’d expect. Roadrunner have been awesome, especially when I first started out and need support with installing the software. Initially it can seem overwhelming but the support you get from all of the team takes all of that overwhelm away. Its actually really quick to get used to.”

Now established as an experienced manufacturer producing a range of different CNC Waterjet cut signs and precision products, Matt recommends that anyone else who is starting out on their journey to purchase an abrasive waterjet cutter takes their time and does their research.

He’s never looked back and would recommend an OMAX to anyone taking this journey.

“I’d recommend calling Roadrunner Manufacturing – Matt and Nick are great guys and they’ll offer advice and help you to choose between the range of machines that OMAX offer and make sure you make the best choice for your business.”

AcuCut have grown as a business in size but also in scope and their waterjet cutting machines are at the heart of that growth. To find out more about what they do and to learn more about their projects visit:

  1. MGA03503
  2. MGA01863

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