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OMAX Waterjets’ enable Gregory Engineering to increase efficiency, meet more demand and grow their business.

Pauline and Jason Gregory are waterjet converts.

As co-owners of Gregory Engineering, based out of Picton, Pauline and Jason made a big decision in 2013. They had been considering purchasing a waterjet cutter but knew it would be a sizeable investment. Their caution led them to spend time researching the pros and cons of moving to a waterjet cutter. It quickly became apparent that waterjet cutting provided more opportunities, more capability and had superior finishing.

They discovered that OMAX’s MAXIEM 1530 waterjet cutter could enable them to work faster, meet more demand and open the scope of their work. Pauline reflects on that decision and openly declares that:

“We purchased a Maxiem 1530 in 2013 and have never looked back. In fact, in 2019 we purchased our second waterjet cutting machine, a Maxiem 2040, and we are confident it will deliver against all expectations.”

Having the two machines as part of their everyday business has not only reinvigorated their business but it has also exploded the opportunities they have for diversification and creativity. They have been able to get involved in some really exciting creative projects which would have been impossible for them to work on before.

“We know we can handle and thrive in growth scenarios now and to be honest it gives me goose bumps when I think about the potential that machine has brought us.” Pauline stated.

When asked to summarise the key benefits they’ve realised from their investment Pauline says she’d recommend one to anyone. Why? They are incredibly diverse, the quality of the product coming off the machine is second to none and the creativity they possess means you are opened up to a world of possibilities for future scope of works.

Talking about the team at Roadrunner Manufacturing, NZ’s exclusive distributor of world leading OMAX abrasive waterjet systems, Pauline and Jason couldn’t be more supportive.

“They have such great knowledge of their product; they’ll do anything to look after you. Their customer service and after sales communication is fantastic.”

Designed for shops with high capacity production demands, the MAXIEM 2040 abrasive waterjet system can easily machine almost any material, from steel and titanium to carbon fibre, composites, glass, and more.

Jason and Pauline are quick to affirm that the return they have had on that investment far outweighs the investment itself. Gregory Engineering is operating at a whole new level and these machines have been the foundation that enabled that transformation.

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