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When Blair Adamson, owner and founder of Logweld Ltd, wanted a new set of toolboxes for his service business he started, like many do, by seeking a range of quotes to compare before making a decision about which company to move forward with.

He wanted confidence he was going to get value for money and that his investment would last. Putting it simply, he shared,

“I don’t want something that’s come in a container from China that doesn’t have the quality or integrity I need to be able to rely on it and to be assured it will stand me the test of time.”

He certainly shopped around and did his research which is how he found Roadrunner Manufacturing and was impressed by the range of options on their website. However, the stand-out for him was their ‘can-do’ ethos.

He wanted something custom and had a clear vision in mind, but knew that, with most companies, custom design means extra cost is pushed back onto the customer and that every small change has a fee attached to it. From what he read, this didn’t seem to be the case with Roadrunner Manufacturing, and he decided to follow up directly with the team. He was not disappointed and was pleased to find out that their ‘if you can imagine it, we can make it’ approach to business was a true reflection of how they worked.

Blair knew he wanted add-ons such as handles and rails in specific locations as well as a cut-out for a compressor, which would come with cost and complexity. Other companies he’d approached had offered the response, “this is what we do for utes.” Basically, their offerings meant that Blair would have to make the most of what was on o er. Whereas Roadrunner Manufacturing came back with, “what would you like us to do for your ute?” This tiny shift made all the difference and Blair quickly decided that he wanted to work with the Roadrunner team.

“The team worked with my drawing and designed us a new service body which was completely custom designed and built. They were the only ones prepared to do this. They made it so easy to work with them. I told them upfront I needed it to work, to be robust and not to leak. They are a really nice down to earth crew and immediately I trusted them with the job.”

Blair also mentioned that Roadrunner Manufacturing is the only company he found who works with 4mm aluminium fabrication. In his professional experience nothing else lasts and no other companies’ product even comes close. What Roadrunner fabricates is made to last, and it will.

Blair concludes,

“this toolbox is so robust it will outlast this ute and be transferred to my next one. It’s definitely future-proofed my investment!”

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