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OMAX Software

The OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Suite, standard on all machines is written by OMAX specifically for abrasive waterjet cutting. Powered by Windows 10, you get the latest protection from Microsoft, ease of networking and real time monitoring built into your machine tool. Omax Intelli-MAX uses point and click technology that enables the operator to go from design to cutting with 6 mouse clicks. One click to add surface finish (cut quality), another click to add a cut path to the part (lead-ins, lead-outs and traverses). A third click to post the part to an .ord file (OMAX Routed Data) ready for machining. Select the material you would like to cut from a drop down list in the MAKE suite, and input the material thickness, you are ready to cut. OMAX Intelli-MAX software calculates the speed of the X Y axis using an algorithm that accurately calculates at over 100 steps per mm, which gives perfect results, the first time, every time and enables operators to get repeatable results with every cut.



LAYOUT is our innovative CAD software that creates tool paths for your OMAX produced abrasive waterjet system. LAYOUT includes all the basic commands you'd expect to find in a CAD package, as well as a whole suite of tools specific to abrasive waterjet and waterjet machining, including cut quality specification, tool path fonts, gear and rack generation, and a lot more.



Designed from the ground up specifically for abrasive waterjet control, MAKE controls your OMAX or MAXIEM JetMachining Center by sending precise motor control commands to move the nozzle along your tool path, while simultaneously controlling the flow of abrasive and high-pressure water. By applying advanced internal cutting models, and using built-in compensations for speed, acceleration, and backlash, MAKE provides exceptional results in rapid high-precision abrasive waterjet machining. Advanced corner and piercing optimizations are also automatically applied, for even greater cutting speed and precision.



IntelliCAM is a highly advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software program with two tools in one that can generate either 2D or 3D tool paths from 3D models. Simply import a 3D file from one of the many supported file types such as CATIA, SolidWorks, 3D DXF, or DWG, and others, and the 3D object appears in an interactive window. Generating a 2D profile from any face or slice of the 3D shape is just a click away. The other side of IntelliCAM shows that 3D pathing is just as easy. With the AutoPath function, the program automatically creates the waterjet-reasonable tool path and applies the required attributes for 3D cutting before exporting directly to IntelliMAX MAKE.



The OMAX IntelliMAX Premium Software Suite features the broadest file support in abrasive waterjet software. From standard 2D DXF files to advanced 3D shapes, IntelliMAX can import from all major CAD/CAM and artistic drawing programs, allowing you to use your existing workflow.

The OMAX Team have a dedicated development department continuously working on improvements and upgrades to the software and user interface. It is an area that sets OMAX apart and enables manufacturers peace-of-mind knowing their machines are supported now and into the future.


Technology Guarantee

The OMAX Technology Guarantee entitles the original owner of an OMAX Waterjet System, to free OMAX software upgrades for the life of the machine.

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